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My name is Doris! I am married to a wonderful man and have been blessed with three beautiful children. Since my own personal experiences with domestic violence and sexual assault in 2006, God has placed a mission in my heart to speak out on these issues and help victims/survivors find their voice. Domestic Violence can happen to ANYONE! I know, I was a law enforcement officer when it happened to me.

I now focus my full time educating, inspiring and advocating on these issues in an effort to create a better and safer community. I am a National Victim/Survivor Impact Consultant for the Dept. of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime and have recently been selected as the 2015 Survivor Activist for the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

After a great ten year law enforcement career, God impressed upon my heart to do more. I founded a self-defense and awareness program called, NEVER a Victim! More recently, I co-founded All Hope Restored, a faith based domestic violence support group. I have been blessed to join a community of like-minded individuals to educate on these issues.

I am forever grateful for all God has done in my life and to Him I owe everything. My prayer is to bring this same HOPE to others.


Doris Rivera-Black is an award winning activist and survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence who has chosen to take ...her tragic experience to help others. Doris had been a Deputy Sheriff with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office for approximately two years when victimized by her estranged husband. She has a total of 10 years of broad law enforcement experience from serving in a jail, patrol, parole and instructing at a law enforcement training academy.

After her experiences, she made it her personal mission to help educate the community on the issues of SA & DV, help advocate for victims and bring hope and healing to others. Her journey on speaking on these issues began when she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to share her story in 2007. Doris has since founded NEVER a Victim, a program where women are taught situational awareness, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault awareness and avoidance paired with simple self-defense techniques and has co-founded All Hope Restored, a faith-based domestic violence support group. She has also been passionately involved with TESSA of Colorado Springs, serving in their auxiliary & speaker’s bureau and the Colorado Coalition against Sexual Assault’s Survivor Task Force in an effort to be a voice for victims and help eliminate violence against women. Just recently, Doris was selected by the Dept. of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime, to become a National Victim/Survivor Impact Consultant.

Doris is an avid public speaker who, because her impactful story of being an overcomer, has been often sought out by numerous media outlets and several organizations to include non-profits, for-profits and faith-based communities. Doris published her first book October of 2015, Clothed in Strength. She is currently in her final year of school at the Colorado Christian University, working to complete a BA in Biblical Studies.

Why me?

As a previous law enforcement officer, survivor of domestic violence & sexual assault, and an overcomer, I can help you meet your goals of bringing awareness on these issues. Together, we can bring light to these dark issues and give survivors HOPE for healing.

Taking a proactive measure in educating our communities, your agency, organization or church will help prevent domestic violence and sexual assault.

I look forward to speaking at your next event!